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Finding filming locations in New York is sometimes not so easy, as many films and television series are produced in the studio. It appears that the films are set in New York, but often backdrops are used. Nevertheless, there are typically New York films and series whose sets can clearly be located in the Big Apple. Below you will find an overview of the most famous filming locations!

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If there’s one restaurant in New York that you’ll instantly recognize from a movie, it’s definitely Katz’s Delicatessen on the Lower East Side . This means nothing to you ? You may be familiar with the famous restaurant scene in the movie “  When Harry Met Sally ”, which has gone down in cinematic history. If you want to order the famous ”  I’ll have what she’s having  ” but you don’t dare, just have a pastrami sandwich. By the way, above said table where Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal were, there is also a corresponding sign.

There is also the famous building with the address 14 North Moore Street in TriBeCa . This refers to the fire station at Hook & Ladder Company 8 , which is the headquarters of the Ghostbusters in the 1984 film. Visitors have been flocking to the Ghostbusters fire station ever since . The same goes for the Flatiron Building , which is the headquarters of the Daily Bugle newspaper in ”  Spider-Man  ” or the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Ventilation Building , the office of the ”  Men In Black “. If you’re a fan of Marvel and DC Comics , theVisiting Superheroes in New York is a must to see more places.

New York Friends Filming LocationsFilming locations in New York Ghostbusters

Sometimes a film is shot in New York, but other cities must be used as filming locations. Many scenes from 2019’s ”  Joker  ” were filmed in Newark, New Jersey . However, one particular scene made an average staircase in the Bronx a cult spot shortly after the film’s release. You can find The Joker Stairs at 1150 Anderson Avenue .

Classic New York Movies

Of course, a classic black and white film should not be missing from this list. The fantastic view of the Queensboro Bridge and the East River in the ”  Manhattan  ” scene can still be admired from 58th Street. The lights on the bridge shine brightly, but you can also expect the lanterns on the shore to glow. They were switched off especially for the movie.

Speaking of classics: jeweler Tiffany & Co. New York City (corner of 5th Avenue and East 57th Street ) is familiar to everyone from “  Breakfast at Tiffany’s  ” (“  Diamonds on the Couch ”). These days you don’t have to eat your breakfast outside like Audrey Hepburn, you can do it more elegantly in the Blue Box Café . If you want to explore more filming locations in this style, the Classic Movies Tour in New York is a great idea. On this tour, you can learn more about the aforementioned films and discover other exciting filming locations in New York.

Mommy I missed the plane 2: filming locations

The Plaza Hotel in the famous Christmas movie ”  Mommy, I missed the plane 2  ” is also an unforgettable movie set. Your inner child will probably be disappointed when I tell you that ”  Duncan’s Toy Chest  ” toy store doesn’t exist in New York, but it is based in Chicago. However, many real New York attractions make an appearance in the film, such as the Empire Diner, Battery Park, Gapstow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace as well

If, like Kevin, you want to experience the beautiful Christmas decorations in December, I recommend the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour . Here you will see beautifully decorated homes that you usually only see in movies and on TV – quite a sight!

Filming locations in New York Mom I missed the planeFilming locations in New York Mommy I missed the plane Dyker Heights

New York series

New York as a filming location in television series also numbers in the hundreds, so the Big Apple can be seen on television almost daily. In ”  CSI: NY ,” detectives hunt down criminals for nine seasons, while in ”  Brooklyn Nine-Nine ,” a chaotic group of cops solve crimes around the city. The series “  Mad Men  ” and “  The Marvelous Mrs Maisel ”, meanwhile, show New York in the 50s and 60s. Those who prefer a modern view of New York will find many Manhattan scenes in “  Master of None ”, including a helicopter flightin the second season.

Friends: filming locations

When you think of New York and TV shows, your first thought is bound to be ”  Friends  ” (even though the show was actually shot in the Los Angeles movie studio !). Unfortunately, the Central Perk cafe , where the six friends used to meet regularly, does not exist in real life. However, the building on the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street in Greenwich Village served as the exterior plan for Monica and Rachel’s apartment and has a restaurant. At first glance, nothing differentiates The Little Owlof any other restaurant except for its friendly atmosphere. The menu is varied, you can opt for a simple burger with soda as well as for a more elaborate dish. All in all, New York has quite a few “friends” in it after all! You can also shop at Bloomingdale ‘s and if you’re lucky you’ll come across a Rachel.

For those who would like to experience the sets of Friends, there is The FRIENDS Experience which you can visit.

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