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Shanghai, Paris of the East, is a fantastic destination for tourists from all around the world. It simply offers anything you might imagine with countless incredible attractions you are not going to find anywhere else. The top 10 ones are going to be presented in the following paragraphs.

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1. The Bund

Travel Attractions

A variety of old English and French buildings in this area bespeak its rich past and bring to light Shanghai’s unique history.

Walking along the Bund allows visitors to witness 52 historical buildings of various Western architectural styles, making the Bund renowned as a museum of international architecture. A cross-river view at Lujiazui provides glimpses of modern skyscrapers which represent China’s economic success.

Experience The Bund in an original and relaxing manner on board a Huangpu River cruise! While admiring historical sites while sipping your beverage or meal on board, listen to explanations in both English and Mandarin over loudspeaker system of various sights you see along your voyage. Night is the ideal time for such cruises as building lights create stunning contrast with Pudong cityscape.

2. Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Gardens are one of Shanghai’s must-see travel attractions, providing a peaceful respite from its hectic energy. While their surroundings have become somewhat tacky – like China meets Disney with tourist shops and tacky decorations – the Gardens themselves remain an idyllic respite from life outside.

Created as a family home by a government official in the 1500s, this garden features Ming Dynasty pavilions, courtyards, chambers, rockeries and goldfish ponds that are protected by a dragon wall. Take time to visit Exquisite Jade Rock (a 5-ton porous rock covered with intricate dragon and phoenix carvings) or climb Great Rockery for panoramic views over the gardens.

Spring and autumn are among the most stunning times to visit the garden, when flowers blossom and ginkgo leaves create an exquisite scene. Additionally, weekday mornings tend to be less busy.

3. Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum houses precious cultural relics ranging from ritual bronzes with green patinas to measured flourishes of Chinese calligraphy art, making up its 12 standing galleries. As one of China’s largest and most comprehensive museums, exploring it all would take at least a day!

This brand-new site seamlessly blends modern design with an impressive collection of natural specimens and immersive exhibitions. At its center is a breathtaking glass-and-metal structure shaped like the chambers of a nautilus containing thousands of fossils as well as the 140 million year-old intact skeleton of Mamenchisaurus dinosaur – its centerpiece.

The museum provides cutting-edge digital audio tours in ten languages; you can rent an audio guide at the information desk located near its entrance.

4. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

China’s modern city, Shanghai is an indispensable travel destination. You’re sure to find something exciting waiting around every corner here; whether shopping on Nanjing Road or exploring its museums.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is an incredible destination that bridges past and future. Boasting an expansive exhibition hall that hosts an incredible spectrum of exhibits that is sure to amaze and impress, such as Yunnan-esque Spectrum of Life or Earth’s Crust Exploration Hall or Light of Wisdom; visitors are sure to gain knowledge on China’s amazing scientific advances!

Fuxing Park, with its French-influenced aesthetic and tranquil ambiance, makes a fantastic spot to stroll. Head next to Tianzifang for even more history – here you will find arts & crafts shops as well as restaurants.

5. Xintiandi

Xintiandi is an exciting entertainment area filled with restaurants, shops and bars in Shanghai’s central business district that’s car-free zone. Nearby lies President Sun Yat Sen’s former residence; one of its many attractions includes Xintiandi Design Museum which was built as per architect Benjamin Wood’s recommendation and Shui On Group’s funding support.

Main attractions at Shanghai are its restored traditional “Shikumen” houses (old style buildings with stone-framed gates, unique to Shanghai) and cutting-edge new structures – creating stunning architecture which perfectly encapsulates its history and cultural legacy. There are upscale restaurants serving cuisine from different countries such as France, Japan, America and Italy; some of these eateries are particularly popular among young people. Of these attractions is the Oriental Pearl Radio & Television Tower which stands as its signature landmark.

6. Huxi Mosque

Huxi Mosque, Shanghai’s first rebuilt mosque since the establishment of People’s Republic of China, exhibits strong Arabic Islamic architectural styles both inside and out. It features double arches with fan-shaped roofs that connect two porches; teaching rooms; an imam’s office; bath house facilities and two front and back courtyard fountains complete its appeal.

Every Friday afternoon at Huxi Mosque in Puxi and Pudong, Muslim food culture comes alive through displays of authentic halal cuisine. Don’t miss this great chance to sample authentic Islamic fare.

7. People’s Square

Paris boasts the Louvre, Amsterdam houses Rijksmuseum and Shanghai boasts People’s Square museum as a world-class collection. Situated in an elegant modern building, its exhibits include bronzeware, calligraphy scrolls and traditional lacquer furniture as well as Jiaguwen imperial seals – just to name a few!

At the center of People’s Square stands the iconic Orient Pearl TV Tower, an iconic 468-meter skyscraper that defines Shanghai’s new business district. If you don’t fear heights, climb to its observation deck for amazing city views over Huangpu River!

Additionally, don’t miss visiting Old City of God Temple or taking a private gondola ride through Zhujiajiao; its tranquil water town that has survived for 1,700 years by merging Chinese and Western cultures together seamlessly.

8. Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road in Shanghai is one of its premier shopping streets, as well as an important cultural venue. Along this pedestrian mall without cars you will find everything from China-themed souvenirs to high-end designer goods; as well as bookstores that specialize in both Chinese and foreign titles.

Foodies will find much to delight them on this street, with plenty of century-old restaurants and snacks shops from decades past, as well as unique experiences such as riding the Dangdang sightseeing tram which looks like an old trolley car to travel through it all! For foodies looking for some real culinary adventure, Dangdang Street offers an incredible experience – not to mention some fantastic shopping opportunities too! This street represents Shanghai’s flourishing economy and should definitely be explored; not to mention being an amazing spot for taking in its vibrant night views with many marble benches throughout it for you to relax on when walking along its length – be sure not miss it if visiting Shanghai!

9. Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai’s iconic attraction, exudes peace and serenity, featuring exquisite pavilions, courtyards, ponds and sparkling pools with shimmering bridges dotted throughout it – making for an idyllic landscape design masterpiece of south Chinese landscape design. It offers both visual delights as well as serenity.

Gardens are popular tour group stops, making the gardens frequently overrun with visitors. To avoid crowds and maximize enjoyment, plan to arrive early or during the week to maximize enjoyment. Highlights at these gardens include Exquisite Jade Rock (Yu Linglong), an impressive 5-ton porous stone sculpture; Acting and Singing Stage featuring ornate carving; Nine-Turn Bridge which holds significant symbolism within China as nine represents auspiciousness; as well as Nine-Turn Bridge carrying great symbolic meaning in Chinese culture as nine stands for auspiciousness!

Yuyuan Bazaar, where tourists and hawkers alike shop for souvenirs. Additionally, be sure to stop at Huxinting Tea House – it has hosted guests such as Queen Elizabeth! – for an afternoon tea break; be sure not to miss it!

10. Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden, constructed by a government officer for his parents in the 1500s, is considered a masterpiece of classical Chinese landscape design. A mysterious labyrinth of courtyards, pavilions, halls, rockeries and ponds enclosed within by walls known as dragon walls to keep Shanghai’s busy streets away.

The Nine-turn Bridge is the star attraction at this scenic attraction, believed by Chinese culture to ward off evil spirits. Additionally, it leads to Mid-Lake Pavilion Tea House; once known for hosting foreign dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth.

Yuyuan Bazaar, located nearby, is an exciting marketplace offering traditional Chinese goods like lanterns, decorations and silk. For an enjoyable shopping experience on weekdays and a less-crowded experience during spring’s dazzling blooming display of flowers and greenery – visit during spring! In early February it hosts its popular Lantern Festival!

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