Shooting in New York: walk in the footsteps of your favorite series and films


We’ve all seen Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Greenwich Village and Broadway in the biggest movies and TV shows.

When we walk through the streets of Manhattan, certain images come back to us. Those who have melted in front of “When Harry Met Sally” remember Harry’s arrival in the “Big Apple” when Sally dropped him off in front of Washington Square. We will not forget either the Sunday strolls in the antique district of Soho, the autumn in Central Park and Times Square on December 31 at midnight.

Thanks to , discover the secrets of filming in New York, one of the cities that has been filmed the most and highlighted on film.

Where are the mythical scenes shot in New York?

Lovers of series and films, here are the neighborhoods you absolutely must see.

Times Square

A few years ago, Times Square was just a legend. Of course, there were the giant advertising screens and the traditional silver ball that goes up at midnight on December 31st. But the neighborhood was badly frequented. Lots of junkies and dingy souvenir shops which was not very reassuring for tourists.

Today, Times Square has had a makeover. There are large family shopping centers such as M&M’S and it is good to stroll around this “corner” where scenes from “SpiderMan”, “Vanilla Sky”, etc. were filmed.

Central Park

The older ones will remember “Hair” and the memorable Simon & Garfunkel concert.

Central Park is one of the most used places for the filming of series and films. Obviously, we will mention the famous “Manhattan” by Woody Allen but also the “Madagascar” trilogy or even “Coup de Foudre à Manhattan”.

Washington Square

The first images of “When Harry met Sally” but also of “I am Legend” with Will Smith in the cast.

Rockefeller Center

Many scenes shot in winter are shot in front of the giant Christmas tree and on the ice rink.

L’Empire State Building

We all remember King Kong perched on top of the skyscraper, but also scenes from “White Nights in Seattle”.

Filming secrets in New York

street shooting new york

You should know that every day, streets and neighborhoods are temporarily blocked due to filming.

So if you want to be at the heart of the Big Apple movie action, here are some tips for attending a filming in New York.

First of all, pay attention to the posters that you will see in the streets of New York and on which is indicated: “No Parking – Film Shoot”. They indicate the locations and times of filming of a film or series.

Check out . You will read the filming forecasts and their locations.

The Best NYC Tours for a Movie Lover

Museum of Moving image et studio Paramount

This is an interesting museum that traces the history of cinema in New York. You should know that the first Paramount studios were located in the Queens district. What is exciting with this museum is that you are shown everything behind the scenes. We explain to you how an image or an animation is designed, what are the technical means necessary, etc. The Museum of The Moving Image will delight young and old lovers of the 7th art!

Le McLaren’s

For fans of How I Met Your Mother, McGee’s Pub (40 West 55 Street) inspired the creators of the series to create McLaren’s. You can see the photos of the actors of the series. It’s gonna be legend…ary!

Holsten’s (Bloomfield, New Jersey)

This tea room is famous for its homemade sweets and ice creams that we find in the series “The Sopranos

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