Discover the Beauty of Mumbai’s Dream City


The seaside city, Mumbai, has some of the tallest residential skyscrapers in India. It is a center of diverse culture and a city of architectural beauty which is also popular all over the world for being the most famous slum area of ​​Dharavi. It is the financial and fashion center of India, and the home of people who practice different religions.

Given the diversity of places to eat, Mumbai restaurants are more decidedly optimistic. Known for its delicious street food culture, the streets of Mumbai are bustling with food vendors offering plenty of delicious food. The popularity of the city of Bollywood is unmatched making it the most preferred tourist destination in India. Featuring stunning monuments, Mumbai has a variety of places to see.

India Gate

It is one of the most distinctive landmarks, which is the main port of India. It officially stands to be an important element representing the greatness of England. Superbly designed, broad curves, standing tall at 10 m high, constructed of yellow basalt and insoluble cement make it the most preferred place. For visitors, there are vendors selling souvenirs and food stalls for recreation.

Juhu Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai, a hot spot for movie celebrities, which is most crowded during the weekends. At night, the vast Arabian Sea is a dreamlike sight. For gourmet street food delights, such as ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Bhel Puri’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ are on the beachfront. With so many activities to do, Juhu beach becomes lively at sunset.

Dhobi Ghat

This is the most famous site to visit, which is a major part of sightseeing in every Mumbai India holiday tour package. It offers an amazing view of the laundry stretching across the horizon and you can see the workers bending over piles of clothes and washing them. Dhobi Ghat, the largest Laundromat in the world where thousands of clothes are washed and dried provides a unique colorful show.

Dharavi . slum area

It is the largest slum area in Asia, which is home to about 700,000 people. But as the name suggests, it is far from a place to stay for the poor and underprivileged sections. The tour, organized for Dharavi slums is mainly for people to open their eyes and change their opinion. Equipped with bakeries, NGO garment shops, schools and small scale factories it showcases the better lifestyle of the people who live here.

Mumbai Hanging Gardens

Mumbai Hanging Gardens was founded in 1881. It is a beautiful greenery and spectacular sunset views over the Arabian Sea are captivating. It is a popular tourist spot for kids as well as Mumbai people. The highlight of the garden is the animal-shaped fence.

Sea Drive

Stretching over a 4km long promenade, Marine Drive looks like a Queen’s Necklace. Located in South Bombay which offers a beautiful view at night with lights everywhere. Strolling down the boulevard, overlooking the Arabian Sea, is surprisingly therapeutic for the soul. The chai vendors and chat vendors are there to tickle your taste buds which makes it a must visit tourist spot in Mumbai.

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